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Our Story


To Grazie Sheffield

We're a family run southern Italian restaurant specialising in fresh homemade pasta. The inspiration comes from the owner Vito's hometown Polignano a Mare, Puglia where his nonna Maria used to make fresh orecchiette (apulian ear shaped pasta) and cavatelli (shell shaped small pasta) daily.


Our menu items are very unique for Sheffield but very traditional for Puglia. We also offer large variety of Apulian wines that pair perfectly with our dishes.


We are passionate about bringing fresh homemade Italian food in relaxed ambiance and for very affordable prices to Sheffield city centre.



In The Heart of Sheffield

There’s more to Italian food than just bolognese and carbonara. Italy has many regions with their own traditions and delicacies, and we're on a mission to bring a little piece of Puglia to the heart of Sheffield.